Mason Cable Sports

MCSports is the official broadcast provider for Mason Athletics. Starting in 2013, MCSports partnered with Mason Athletics to enhance live streamed sports broadcasts using multiple camera angles, changing graphics, and live commentary.

MCSports produces student run broadcasts of Athletics’ home games, such as soccer, lacrosse and basketball. The broadcasts are viewable on ESPN+ and Mason Cable Network, Mason’s on-campus television channel.

Get experience, build up your resume or reel, and engage in work and productions with Student Media’s Athletics Broadcast Team. MCSports has over 100 broadcast opportunities through the year. Watch the latest content here:

We are looking to recruit:Women’s Volleyball defeats Howard Bison (08/29/15)

  • Camera operator
  • Technical director
  • Play-by-play commentator
  • Color commentator
  • Sideline reporter
  • Graphics coordinator
  • Replay operator
  • Production assistant
  • Highlight videographer


MCSports broadcasts:JOLZPPZHJTPTYLD.20150507153845

  • Men’s soccer
  • Women’s soccer
  • Men’s volleyball
  • Women’s volleyball
  • Select men’s basketball games
  • Women’s basketball
  • Wrestling
  • Lacrosse
  • Baseball



To apply for the following positions please complete the following:

  • Email the Assistant Broadcast Director, Zach Hamilton (
  • Include a demo reel, resume, or samples of your work is applicable