Below are alumni of George Mason and Mason Cable Network. These people dedicated most of their college career to Mason Cable Network. This list of alumni graduated from Mason while working for MCN and/or contributed a notable and unique aspect.

Ashley Hill

Graduation Date: Spring 2017

Ashley Hill started working at MCN her freshman year in 2013 as an MCNews anchor. She anchored weekly until spring of her sophomore year in 2015. In spring of 2014, she was was hired to work as the deputy video editor where she edited shows like From The Cinema. One semester later in fall of 2014, she was promoted to senior video editor. When she was senior video editor, she oversaw the entire editing process of every show MCN had to offer including MCNews, And A Kitchen Sink, and Daily Updates. After working as the senior video editor for her entire sophomore year, she was promoted to program manager. Ashley served as the program manager from fall of 2015 until she graduated in spring of 2017. While Ashley was the production manager for MCN, she completely overhauled the Mason Cable Network website. After much time and planning, she gave the Mason Cable Network website a fresh and youthful look. Ashley was also one of the two masterminds behind the, “social media initiative,” which helped MCN bridge the gap between being a network and a YouTube channel. This, “social media initiative,” helped MCN capture a new audience and utilize social media more effectively. Not only that, but she helped create six new shows with the help and vision from the executive producers. Using her knowledge of media and trends, Ashley helped create Mason Sports Insider, Mason Noticias, What’s Up, Mason?, Touch Base, GMU: What’s Your Style?, and Real Talk Sportz. To end her tenure at MCN, Ashley was award the Leadership Award at the 2nd annual MCN gala.


Issmar Ventura

Graduation Date: December 2016

Issmar began Mason Noticias, MCN’s first Spanish news program. Through his hard work and with the help of his team, he created a voice for people who did not have one. At the first annual MCN Gala in spring of 2016, Mason Noticias won the Best Show on Mason Cable Network Award.





IMG_4312Tyler Byrum

Graduation Date: May 2016

Tyler worked at MCN from his freshman year until he graduated. Tyler is the god father of MCSports. His freshman year in 2012, he had the idea to broadcast Mason Athletics live. Now MCSports broadcasts almost every home Mason game. Tyler became the sports director of MCSports in 2015.

Tyler is also a founding member of the reboot of Mason Cable News in 2013. He went on to become the news director in 2014. Then, in 2015 Tyler created Mason Sports Insider. Tyler was also one of the two masterminds behind the “social media initiative” which helped MCN bridge the gap between being a network and a YouTube channel. This “social media initiative” helped MCN capture a new audience and utilize social media more effectively.





Robert Horan

Graduation Date: May 2016

Robert was the second general manager of Mason Cable Network. He started work with MCN his freshman year and by his sophomore year, he was elected as the general manager. Rob was reelected as general manager each year until he graduated.





Kala West

Graduation Date: December 2015

Kala was one of the founding members of MCSports. She was one of the first switchers and camera operators when it started in 2012. In 2015, Kala became the news director of Mason Cable News.





Vandie Barnard

Graduation Date: May 2014

In 2014, Vandie created Pressbox, MCN’s first sports talk show. Pressbox would continue until Fall of 2016.





1977022_10152273578956940_272983904_nAlex Dodson

Graduation Date: May 2014

In 2012, Alex started MCN’s longest running show (as of 2016) From The Cinema, MCN’s movie review show.




217163_499287653470473_33056849_nJake McLernon

Graduation Date: May 2012

Jake was the first general manager of MCN. He began his tenure in 2012 and ended in 2013. During that year, Jake changed the format of Mason Cable Network completely. MCN once was all student created films, but Jake turned MCN into a television network with weekly shows and regular programing.

Jake helped create The Pressbox and he also rebooted MCNews in spring of 2013 . On top of all this, he also helped begin MCSports in 2012.