Policies and Procedures

Music Block Submission Procedure and Policy

We will take 60 videos a month and 15 videos will be placed in the block a week. Videos will need to be submitted along with Mason Cable Network’s Media Release Form by the last day of the month in order to be considered (unless specified otherwise). The media release form can be requested by sending an email to the Music Block Coordinator at prcmcn@gmail.com. Artists can be interviewed for Music block per request. Artists for interviews must be from the local Fairfax area or preferably George Mason University. However, all artists are eligible but not guaranteed featuring on our website. There doesn’t have to be a particular order to the videos, but ONLY 60 videos will be allowed a month. Since there’s about 4 months in the semester, 240 videos will be on our network in one semester in a best case scenario.

How to submit a video: You can email PRCMCN@GMAIL.COM with your information including band name, representative (person of contact), a link to a music video, (YouTube preferable) or if you have it, the actual file or you can log in to ReverbNation.com with an artist account and look for WGMU/Mason Cable Network.