Meet the Team

Mason Cable Network has a variety of people working to make sure that the channel runs and has content. We run 24/7 on our campus channel and broadcast our live events and shows online, here on The following people make that happen. Feel free to contact us at

Fun fact: All executive staff at Mason Cable Network and other GMU Student Media outlets are students who attend the university.

Cruz Sanchez

General Manager

Major: Communication, Media Production & Criticism

Minor: Global Affairs & Event Technical Production

Year: Senior

Bio: Cruz grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma and graduated from Bishop Kelley High School in 2017. His interests include media, photography, running, and traveling. At George Mason, Cruz is a part of Mason Cable News, Mason Cable Sports, and the Running Club. As a freshman  and Sophomore with Mason Cable Network, Cruz served as the Assistant Production Manager. Now, he currently serves as the General Manager. Cruz hopes to sustain the network’s growth, and bring new student concepts to the table. He enjoys the creativity and integrity behind multimedia broadcast and journalism.  Cruz aspires to produce television shows that showcase and promote the wonders of the world.  


Garrett Glatz

Production Manager 

Major: Communication, Media Production and Criticism 

Minor: Sports Communication 

Year: Sophomore

Bio: Garrett grew up in Fairfax, Virginia, and graduated from Robinson Secondary School in 2019. His interests include, television production, dancing, video editing, and teaching dance. In his Freshman year here at Mason, Garrett will be fulfilling the role of Production Manager. Garrett hopes to help in growing the Mason Cable Network, along with creating great shows. Garrett wishes to be a producer on television shows for major sports media companies in the future. 


Angie Portillo

Programming & Social Media Manager

Major: Communication, concentration Public Relations

Minor: Journalism

Year: Senior

Bio: Angie grew up in Culpeper, Virginia and graduated from Eastern View high school. She was a part of the Germanna Scholars program which led her to graduating high school with an associate degree. At George Mason, Angie is a part of Mason Cable News, Young Life, RatedR models, Christians on Campus and Well So. She loves fashion, beauty, art, cooking and fitness. Angie was the social media intern for a Non-profit organization in the summer and hopes to bring the knowledge and skills she obtained to Mason Cable Network. Angie is excited to be a part of the team and hopes to spread creative and inspiring ideas.


Olivia Whitehouse

Mason Cable News Director

Major: Communication, Concentration in Media Production and Criticism

Year: Junior

Bio: Olivia grew in Hampton, Virginia and graduated from Kecoughtan High School in 2017. Olivia has been passionate about broadcast journalism since high school, where she took her first journalism class. Besides Mason Cable News, Olivia is also involved with Greek life on campus is in the sorority, Pi Beta Phi. Before becoming the News Director, Olivia was an anchor for Mason Cable News. As the News Director, she hopes to bring new ideas to Mason Cable News and help make the show the best it can be. Olivia’s dream job after college is to be a News Anchor.


Sophie Potts

Senior Video Editor

Major: Film and Video Studies 

Year: Junior

Bio:Sophie grew up in Lovettsville, Virginia and graduated from Woodgrove High School in 2017. Her interests include video editing, screenwriting, graphic design, and LGBTQ activism. In her Junior year at Mason, Sophie will be fulfilling the role of Senior Video Editor. Through her position, Sophie aims to help create great content and help grow the Mason Cable Network. Sophie hopes to be an editor at a major film studio, or television network in the future.