Policies and Procedures

Studio Sign-Out Procedure

The Office of Student Media houses many of our organizations such as Fourth Estate and Mason Cable Network, both of which produce video based content. The Video Studio itself, room 1215 in the HUB, is available for schedule for Student Media staff members and in special circumstances, the Mason Community. The following are the policies and procedures for studio use and sign-out.

Scheduling Procedure

In order to schedule space and production time in the OSM Video Studio, room 1215, please email MCN Production Manager (new Production Manager info coming soon) and at mcn@gmu.edu with the following information if applicable:

  • First name, Last Name
  • Year, Major (If Applicable)
  • What are you using the studio to shoot?
  • Is there any special set up required?
  • What equipment will you be using/needing?
  • What time and day will you need the studio?
  • Will your shoot be live?

Student Media Video Studio Policies

By using the OSM Video Studio, you have read, understand, and agree to the following policies:

  • George Mason University Office of Student Media staff and functions have first priority use of OSM Video Studio, room 1215.
  • Any content shot in the studio must be for student media purposes and scheduled properly through the proper staff.
  • Special circumstances will be determined by Student Media Staff.
  • No food  or drink (with exception of water) is allowed in the studio.
  • All equipment used must be handled with care.  Any equipment damaged or broken/not working properly must be reported to Office of Student Media Associate Director, David Carrol.
  • All equipment must remain in the OSM Video Studio unless checked out through OSM Staff.
  • Those using the studio MUST sign in and out before and after use.
  • All lights and equipment are off when not in use.
  • Lights may not be on longer than one hour at a time.
  • No more than 6 people may be in the OSM Video Studio during use unless otherwise noted.
  • All equipment must be accounted for and returned to the proper location.
  • When leaving the OSM Video Studio, the studio door must be locked on exit.


Download the full MCN Production Book here