GMU: What’s Your Style?


“GMU: What’s Your Style?” is a show created by an eager student who loves fashion. “GMU: What’s Your Style?” looks inside of Mason students’ wardrobes and sees what they wear on a day to day basis, on dates, to class, to an interview, etc. This show seeks to be a place where Mason students can showcase their personal style. Find out what makes Mason unique!

What the latest GMU: What’s Your Style here:

ChrisProfilePicRevMeet the Executive Producer & Host, Chris Byrne:

Chris Byrne is a junior Communication, Media Production major. He grew up as a military child in more than six states and two countries including Germany and South Korea. As a musician and visual artist starting from an early age, he has lived and worked with people from many cultures and backgrounds. He plans to work as a professional musician after college.

“College is about finding yourself, your truth, and your self-expression. I really want to showcase that. There are so many beautiful people walking around campus that want to be seen and heard.”