What’s Up, Mason?

What's Up, Mason_

“What’s Up Mason?” is a show created by a student showcasing what real students have to say about their student experience and what they think about pressing national topics or local events. Host Braxton Bonner goes around campus interviewing students about various student topics such as mid-term related stress or what students plan on doing for breaks.Ultimately, the show seeks to be a platform where students can have their opinions heard and amplified all across campus. The show aims to be a megaphone for students. Who knows, if you’re lucky, one day maybe you’ll be asked “What’s Up, Mason?”



Meet the host:


Braxton Bonner, who also goes by Brax, is a senior majoring in Communication with a concentration in media production and criticism. He was originally born in Maryland but has grown up all around the U.S. due to military parents. Since he was a child, Brax has always been fascinated with all types of media. Whether that be animation, film, musics, or comics! The fascination with animation has led Brax to pursue a career in voice acting and voice he grew up listening to. Brax is very excited to be the new host of “What’s Up Mason?” and hopes this opportunity will help him improve his skills. He hopes for a great season and to most importantly, entertain!