Network Schedule


Mason Cable Network Programming Schedule

The following schedule is subject to change. Any live programming such as Mason Cable News or a club sports game may extend over its scheduled time. Please check our live broadcast schedule for more details.

New Episodes

Touch Base

 Sunday 3:00pm

Tuesday 10:00 AM; ICYMI 10:30 AM

Friday 5:00 PM; ICYMI 5:30 PM

 Mason Cable Night Show

Tuesday 9:15 PM; ICYMI 8:00 PM

Wednesday 7:30 PM; ICYMI 8:00 PM

Friday 7:30 PM; ICYMI 8:00 PM

Saturday  11:00 AM

The Pressbox

Monday 12:00 PM

Wednesday 10:00 AM; ICYMI 10:15 PM

GMU: What’s Your Style?

Monday 10:00 AM; ICYMI 10:15AM

Monday 8:00 PM; ICYMI 8:15 PM

The Spill

Tuesday 7:00PM

From the Cinema

Tuesday 10:00PM

Mason Munchies

Tuesday 9:00PM

What’s Up, Mason?

Every night 6:00PM

Regular Scheduling

*The premiere of new episodes will override regular programming


12:00 AM And A Kitchen Sink 

1:00 AM Mason Events 

1:30 AM Athletic Highlights

2:00 AM Break

2:00 AM MasonPlex

2:30 AM Mason Events

3:00 AM MasonPlex

4:00 AM And A Kitchen Sink 

5:00 AM MasonPlex 

5:30 AM And A Kitchen Sink 

6:00 AM MasonPlex 

7:00 AM From the Cinema 

8:00 AM The Spill

8:30 AM What’s Up, Mason? 

8:45 AM And A Kitchen Sink 

9:00 AM Mason Events 

10:00 AM The Spill 

10:30 AM GMU: What’s Your Style? 

10:45 AM Beyond GMU 

11:00 AM Mason Munchies

11:30 AM The Pressbox

12:00 PM The Spill 

12:30 PM Touch Base 

12:45 PM Beyond GMU 

1:00 PM Touch Base 

1:30 PM Real Talk Sportz

2:00 PM GMU: What’s Your Style? 

2:30 PM The Pressbox 

3:00 PM The Spill 

3:30 PM Mason Munchies 

3:45 PM Beyond GMU

4:00 PM What’s Up, Mason?

4:30 PM GMU: What’s Your Style? 

4:45 PM Touch Base

5:00 PM The Spill 

5:30 PM Real Talk Sportz

6:00 PM What’s Up, Mason?

6:30 PM Beyond GMU 

7:00 PM Real Talk Sportz 

7:30 PM GMU: What’s Your Style?

8:00 PM The Pressbox

8:30 PM What’s Up, Mason? 

9:00 PM Mason Cable Night Show

9:30 PM Touch Base

10:00 MasonPlex

11:00 Mason Events