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Music Block

Music Block

Music Block is our hour long showcase of music videos from local artists, giving musicians a chance to be seen by the community and also for Mason students to sit back and relax to some great tunes. Notae Eddo, our Public Relations and Music Block Coordinator is a devoted music lover. She interviews artists to help bring awareness to artists, and their upcoming gigs and album releases. If you’re an artist and want your video on the network, check out our policies and procedures for submission here.

Music Block is scheduled to premiere by Friday, February 18th. Music Block operates by a 60 videos per month, 15 videos per week, rotation. Each session of Music Block lasts for 1 hour, airing 3 times a day, daily. Upon being selected for the rotation, you will be notified and asked to submit an artist bio, image, and your submission to be featured on our website. Please check your email frequently for upcoming information. You may also ask to include your website on your highlight. Feel free to contact Notae Eddo at with any questions or concerns.